Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photos Exposed

I have always loved taking pictures. Over the years, my love for photography has grown from just snapshots of family and friends to still life. I love finding new angles. So, I have listed some of my photographs in my Etsy shop, TheTopCat. I am offering them on note cards. Go by and take a look. Then come back and tell me what you think.

I also love photographing my pets. 100% of the proceeds from the "Molly" note card will go to the Shelby Humane Society. Molly was a resident there for 3 1/2 months before we adopted her. She has now been with us for 5 months. She is such a joy and a very sweet silly girl. As you will see.

Thanks for your support!

If you are an animal lover like me, go by and check out the Etsy for Animals shop. 100% of the proceed from sales go to animal charities. What a great excuse to go shopping!

Check out the new Etsy Team for the Southeast U.S., Southeastern U.S. Etsy. If you have an Etsy shop and want to join our group of Southern Etsians, check out for more details.

Visit the Etsy for Charity shop! Again, another great excuse to go shopping!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Southeastern U.S. Etsy: Meet Our Team

Go by and Meet the New Team on the Block!!

Southeastern U.S. Etsy: Meet Our Team

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Etsy Treasury West - Southeastern U.S. Etsy Talent

Got this Treasury West this morning to promote some of Etsy's Southeastern U.S. Talent. Check it out and leave us a comment. There is some really great talent in the Southeastern U.S. Don't forget to visit these great shops and check out some of their current promotions!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Promote your blog or website and register for a monthly prize drawing!

This is easy. Just sign my guest book and you will be entered for a monthly prize giveaway. I'll have a different prize every month. And if you add a link to your blog or website in my comments and add a link back to me on your page, I will give you a 2nd entry into the drawing for that month. Awesome, huh? You get a plug for your blog or website and a chance to win a sweet prize!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finally Finished the Doggy Blanket for Dogs for the Deaf

This wasn't the most difficult crochet pattern I have done, but it certainly was the most time consuming. The stitch on every other row was slip stitching two stitches together (slst2tog)(blah!), and therefore got me nowhere in the overall project. I love the ribbed effect that the stitches give the blanket, but I wont be using this pattern again. That's for sure.

If you are interested in trying some new projects. You can find free crochet patterns at Crochet Today.

There were some really gorgeous borders for this afghan also. I cut the pattern size down for a doggy blanket and then I figured the dogs wouldn't mind if it didn't have a pretty border. :) But, if I did the project for myself, I would have to go with the "Heartfelt Fringe" or "Serendipity Fringe". If you want the patterns for these, you'll have to buy the magazine (july/aug '08). :(

I love the colors. It reminds me of the inside of a peppermint patty. Cool, huh? Heehee... ;oP

Enough silliness for now. I'm off to work on some more stuff!

Check out Etsy for Animals. The dog blanket project was a special request from Dogs for the Deaf to EFA.
The EFA shop also has a great selection of items donated by other Etsy shops to raise money for animal charities. Visit the website to find out this months charity and then go shopping for a cause!

Check out this great Etsy for Charity Members' Mini!

Etsy for Charity - Gallery: EFC Members' Etsy Shops

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Check out the new videos on my Pets Blog

Check out the new videos on my Pet blog at . They are wonderfully videos, showing what love and affection can do in the life of almost any dog.

Also, please visit the Etsy for Animals shop at . 100% of the proceeds from all sales go to animal charities. Check out the EFA website at to see the July charity and what's happening with the Etsy for Animals team!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My First Treasury!

My first Treasury! It kind of came up unexpectedly. Someone was talking about the treasury getting close to 333, so I went there. Wow, and there it was. "The box". So here is my first Treasury, made on the fly. It features some items from the Etsyfriends team and I think also from EFA(I think. Don't hold me to this though. Like I said, it was made spur-of-the-moment).

Some very pretty reds!


Beading fun!

I had such a good time with my last jewelry project. Check out my recently posted Hematite Necklace and Earring Set. I included some pretty black teardrop beads on the necklace with the Hematite stones.

Also, don't forget to check out the Etsy for Animals Shop and Website. All of the proceed from sales in the EFA shop go to animal charities.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy busy busy... Etsy is hard work.

Getting started on Etsy is hard work. I have been so busy lately.

I'm currently working on a crochet doggy blanket for Team efa (Etsy for Animals) along with some other projects, and working on items for my shop. The blankets made by the team members are going to Dogs for the Deaf. It is a great organization. Another team member posted a link to a video for the organization. I'm including the link because it was so touching to see what they do for these homeless dogs and the people who can benefit from a canine companion. They provide dogs not just for the deaf and hard of hearing, but for people with other disorders and disabilities as well. You will see in the video. It is worth a few minutes of your time. Trust me.

Also, check out the Etsy for Animals (EFA) store. 100% of the proceeds from the member donated items goes to charity.

And check the EFA website and blog for updates on what's happening with Team EFA!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Getting started with jewelry ...

So, I've decided to try my hand at making jewelry. My first trip to the store for supplies ended me at the local Michael's craft store. I was overwhelmed by all of the beads and, well, stuff. Wow! What did I need? I had no idea. I ended up with a basket full of beads and wire and findings; though I wasn't overly pleased with any of it.

As I was getting ready to make my way to the checkout I noticed something... lovely delicate paper flowers... and buttons. These had to be the best finds for the entire trip. And I was there for a loooong time. So, I began looking through the scrapbooking section. There are so many more possibilities when you think beyond beads and charms. This is how my Vintage Button and Paper Flower brooches came to be. Also, I found the cute little blue and green felt flowers that are now earrings with vintage button centers. Scrapbooking embellishments... Hmmm... I know where I'll be heading on my next trip to Michael's.