Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finally Finished the Doggy Blanket for Dogs for the Deaf

This wasn't the most difficult crochet pattern I have done, but it certainly was the most time consuming. The stitch on every other row was slip stitching two stitches together (slst2tog)(blah!), and therefore got me nowhere in the overall project. I love the ribbed effect that the stitches give the blanket, but I wont be using this pattern again. That's for sure.

If you are interested in trying some new projects. You can find free crochet patterns at Crochet Today.

There were some really gorgeous borders for this afghan also. I cut the pattern size down for a doggy blanket and then I figured the dogs wouldn't mind if it didn't have a pretty border. :) But, if I did the project for myself, I would have to go with the "Heartfelt Fringe" or "Serendipity Fringe". If you want the patterns for these, you'll have to buy the magazine (july/aug '08). :(

I love the colors. It reminds me of the inside of a peppermint patty. Cool, huh? Heehee... ;oP

Enough silliness for now. I'm off to work on some more stuff!

Check out Etsy for Animals. The dog blanket project was a special request from Dogs for the Deaf to EFA.
The EFA shop also has a great selection of items donated by other Etsy shops to raise money for animal charities. Visit the website to find out this months charity and then go shopping for a cause!


beachyrustica said...

Wow, what a neat project!

mvegan said...

So sweet and wonderful, the doggies will love it! ;0) Thank you for all of these grrreat EFA posts, you will be linked all over the EFA publicity page at Yay!
Michele, mvegan5