Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Well, school is back in for most of us here is Alabama. And I was wondering if anyone is having fun yet? I know a great way to have some back to school fun! Stop by my Etsy shop for free shipping. I'm offering it until the end of the month for back to school. So, when you get a chance, stop on by and pick up a few things and you wont pay shipping through August 31st.


Anonymous said...

I'm having "fun". It drives me crazy how the schools want us to not only supply EVERYTHING for the school year, but they also want us to pay a "donation". I seem to remember that all we needed for school when I was a kid was to just FREAKIN' SHOW UP! Buy some notebooks and pencils and you were set! ARGH! Don't get me started!

TC said...

My brother, ladies and gentlemen! :)