Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It really is a Monster!

I ordered a custom dog bed from StylinPupPillows, one of my fellow SEUS Street Team Leaders. I wanted it so our 5 doggies could get on our bed and watch TV with us. I just couldn't seem to get them to stay off our bed. So, Emma was wonderful enough to make the dog bed to my size specifications exactly. I wanted it to be about the width of a regular dog bed, but the length to go all of the way across the foot of our king size bed.

She decided it was better to ship it to me and let me stuff it since it was going to be rather large. I thought that would be great since I've had a couple bags of poly-fil lying around forever. Whew! Did I ever underestimate the size of this thing! So, this is what I had to get to stuff the bugger.

Yes, it is 10 lbs. of Poly-fil!

And this is what happened when I opened the bag.
It just kept growing!

It took me about an hour to stuff this thing.

And it is perfect!!

Except the dogs wont lay on it! They stay on the floor now... :\


ClaireEyeDesign said...

hahaha I love that the cat is using it instead!

Lucky Girl said...

That's just too funny! Thanks, I got a good laugh out of your post today.

Emma said...

Oh yeah, the 10 pound box of stuffing will do that to you. That's the same thing I was thinking when I opened my first box. I can't believe it took that much to fill it. I know that thing was a monster but jeez! It looks awesome! I'm just sorry the dogs aren't using it :(

At least you've reclaimed your bed, right?