Thursday, March 5, 2009

Steviva Brand Product Review

If you are into all-natural products or sugar substitutes, I'm sure you have heard of Stevia extract.

A few weeks ago I received a mysterious package in the mail. Not realizing I was receiving free products to review, I opened it and was a little confused. I always use sugar substitutes and so I got a little excited when I saw that it was three types of Steviva Brand product samples. How great is that!! I received a handful of individual packets of Fructevia and a one pound package of Fructevia for cooking. I also received a container of Steviva's 100% pure Stevia Powder. That was a lot of sweetness in one package!

Here is a little about Steviva products. I was pleased to know that they are all natural and that Stevia was recently approved by the FDA. The 100% Stevia powder has no carbs, calories, artificial ingredients or fillers. Also, it is said that Fructevia does not affect your blood sugar levels like refined sugar does and that it "tastes exactly like sugar". They guarantee it does.

Here is my review of the Steviva Brand products I received.

I am a coffee drinker. I can hardly function until I have my coffee. So my first try was the Fructevia individual packets in my coffee. I'm actually a creamer only coffee drinker and sometimes I will even go black. But I wanted to give this Stevia product a try and see if it might change my coffee drinking style. The Fructevia taste was very mild to me. In fact, I put two packets in my coffee to get a satisfying level of sweetness. Each packet was equal to 2 teaspoons of Fructevia. I was expecting an artificial taste, but it didn't have one. If you have ever sweetened anything with unsweetened fruit juice only(like I have), that was sort of the flavor. Not unpleasant at all. It still didn't make me want to sweeten my coffee everyday. If you wanted to give it a try in place of your artificial sweetener, I suggest doubling up on the packets or using four teaspoons of the product.

Next, I gave the Steviva pure Stevia powder a taste. They said it is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. Being sceptical, I opened the container and dipped in my fingertip to give it a taste. Don't do that! That is definitely the sweetest white powder I have ever tasted! Go easy on it. If you choose to use it in your coffee, do so very sparingly. Here are a couple of good reasons to give the Stevia extract a try. It gives you energy and helps digestion by stimulating your pancreas and it doesn't hurt your teeth. :D

We haven't had a cooking opportunity to try the Fructevia sent for that purpose. But, as soon as we do, I will definitely give you guys a review of how it does in cooking. The package says it is twice as sweet as sugar. I'm anxious to find out.

One last thing about the Steviva Brand company. It was nice to read that they do what they can to reduce their impact on the environment. Some of the things they do are running their fleet vehicles on alternative fuel, giving to environmental concerns and powering their manufacturing and office facilities from renewable energy sources. That is so great!

If you want to find out more about the Steviva Brand products you can visit their website at

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My Year Without said...

What an interesting product! I have not heard of fructevia or steviva. I use stevia at home once in a while, but these two products sound different.

My only concern with the white powder stevias is this: when stevia was first used as a sweetener, its leaves were crushed and used. Now, however, it has been processed so much that all we have left is a white powder. I know it's healthier than white sugar because it doesn't spike blood sugar levels, but it seems rather over-processed.

Besides that, I want to thank you for a great review of these products. You have definitely piqued my interest.

Oh, and I used to be quite the reliable coffee drinker until about a month ago. I quit. It's so strange but I have more energy now--but it took about two weeks for my body to recover from withdrawal.

Thanks again!