Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I had to reload my template because my blog didn't work with IE... go figure ...????

Well, I couldn't find a three column template I liked and would look good in pink. So, I had to abandon the "going Pink" theme a little early. My apologies to my followers who liked the pink. I know I loved it! I had even thought about keeping the pink after the October Breast Cancer Awareness theme was up. Oh well. Maybe I will find another good FREE three column template one day that lets me change the background color. Guess I'm just too picky about how the layout looks. Any suggestions are very welcome. :)

Now I have to add all of the gadgets and widgets back to this blog and head on over to my other TWO blogs that are having trouble! Argh!! Things are gonna be messed up on my blogs for a while. I can tell already. :(


Lady Lynn's Boutique said...

Yeah! It works and now I can view your blog!

Anonymous said...

That's ok. It takes a while to get all the kinks worked out. I won't tell you how many times I had to do it. I did not have a good excuse like you. LOL


LizzyT said...

See the link below for the way I changed my blog to a 3 column, I don't know if you can change the colour though I have absolutely no understanding of html. Good luck!